Peter Pan Complex


Founded by cousins Jordan Haj (vocals, guitar) and Givinar Kriz (lead guitar), this ambitious five-piece from Prague combines contemporary Israeli-folk influences with guitar driven soundscapes inspired by the British rock scene.

Oskar Pilař (drums) and Jakub Chaba (bass guitar) came on board during the production of their debut EP “Unholy”, which was recorded in close cooperation with producer Boris Carloff. The fifth member Zdeněk Lichnovský (guitar, synth, vocals), joined the band at the release party at Lucerna Music Bar in Prague.

In this final composition they recorded the single “Wolfskin” (2013), which foreshadowed a shift in sound and kickstarted the work on their first full length album. Thanks to a crowdfunding campaign on the band started preparations in Spring 2014.

The album was recorded in the Prague based Faust Records studio under supervision of the eclectic producer Michael Rendall (Pink Floyd, Killing Joke, The Futureheads, Adrian T. Bell). It was Rendall who tested the band's limits and pushed them towards a sound not often heard in the Czech Republic. Waves of pure guitar energy, interweaved with echoes of contemporary Israeli folk, all driven by the unrelenting force of the precise beat. Since “Unholy” the band has finally settled on an authentic sound and confidently draws the best from the alternative as well as from the guitar mainstream.

The eponymous debut album “Peter Pan Complex” was released in June 2015 under the Warner Music label.

In the last few years the band has built a strong position on the club scene and performed at many festivals including Rock For People and United Islands.







(Single, Warner Music Czech Republic)

Peter Pan Complex

(CD/LP, Warner Music Czech Republic)